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The Hottest Backpacks on the Planet!

The revolutionary backpack is being picked up by major retailers and is flying off the shelves!


  • Iowa State Cyclones

  • Michigan State Spartans

  • Oklahoma State

  • Texas AM Aggies


Our Story

My name is Josie Moncada, and I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. I’m Vice-President of a company called Star Group Sports Inc. and inventor of a very cool backpack. I guess you could say I’m a “Mom-Preneur”, and I’m very passionate about a very cool bag I kind of stumbled upon creating on my own. Quite frankly, I’m just a regular “mom”…. You see, my oldest son is a hockey goalie, and both sons also dabble in some football. I grew tired of the boring, mundane, “status-quo” backpacks for kids. I also found that the same types of backpacks were being sold for Back To School, and there was nothing different from all the rest. (yawn…)
So I embarked on a 6 year mission with my husband’s help to create something cool, unique, patent-pending, and fun! Its’ a real SHOWSTOPPER.


The Star Sports Backpack has won Product of the Year in Creative Child Magazine 2017 and there’s no stopping the momentum! It is flying off the shelves because it truly is ONE OF A KIND.


We have also created backpacks for several NHL team stores, NCAA teams, and our heights are now set on the NFL. Several large retailers are now picking up our product. This bag is a “must have” , not only for kids, but alumni, teens, grandparents, moms, etc. Most people see it…. and “GOTTA HAVE ONE” !

beats to a different drum

The Star SportsBackpack “beats to a different drum” as there is nothing like it ever invented before, in the marketplace.

We’ve got your back!

We would like to partner with you and create unique looking backpacks for you. We believe this backpack will at least put a smile on everyone’s face, and let them know that we’ve got your back!

We can create and customize your order for you. We sell to corporate, school teams, local leagues, etc.

Send us an email for more info!

Join the Revolution and be part of a Best Seller this year!

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